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Track visitors in your workplace with GuestTrack (free)

Do you have visitors coming into your workplace?

ABF Partners are using a free GuestTrack program (powered by BGL) to keep track of visitors who come into our office. It is so easy to set up and use.

When you come into our office we have a QR/barcode code you can scan with your phone at reception. This QR/barcode then brings up a link where you enter your details and that's it! There is no pen sharing.

GuestTrack is compliant for government and all data is deleted after 28 days.

If you wish to have a simple, smart and great way of keeping records of visitors during COVID-19 days, why not download GuestTrack for your business too!

What is GuestTrack?

GuestTrack is a new FREE browser-based application to help businesses collect and store data of customers entering their premises. It makes it really easy for businesses to meet their obligations in a COVID-19 environment as well as providing customers with an outstanding customer experience.

To reopen, many businesses may be required to collect and store customer, employee and contractor information, including name, email and mobile number. This information will help authorities trace any COVID-19 infections if they occur. The way the information is collected and stored must also comply with privacy laws and time limits.

How does it works:

  1. Sign up to GuestTrack FREE App.

  2. Input your business details, as required.

  3. Print out the QR code with guest instructions for your business.

  4. Display the QR code in your business – either at the entrance or on each table.

  5. Visitor scans the QR code and inputs their contact details.

What is the Security and Privacy?

Your information will not be released to the public or shared with any third party except the government agency responsible to contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

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