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AUSKEY Confusion? The ATO has a new way to access your online business government services.

Manage ABN Connections

Manage ABN Connections is a new way for you to access government online services using your myGov login. It's a secure login alternative to an AUSkey to access the Business Portal and other government online services, and can be used from all devices, including mobiles.

If you already have a myGov account linked to the ATO, Centrelink or Medicare you can now use Manage ABN Connections to access government online business services such as:

  • Business Portal

  • Access Manager

  • AUSkey Manager

  • Australian Business Register (ABR)

  • Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP).

What are the benefits of connecting an ABN to myGov?

It gives you the ability to connect one or multiple ABNs to your myGov account and allows a single username and password for both your personal and business services.

It also offers you greater flexibility to conduct your business anytime, anywhere because it's compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. This is unlike AUSkey, which can only be used on the computer it's been installed on or from a USB.

Who can connect an ABN to myGov?

Manage ABN Connections can be used by:

The associates of a business: this includes anyone listed as an associate in the ABR, for example, business owners, directors of a company, partners of a partnership, or trustees of a trust. An associate of a business, you can use your personal TFN and ABN to set up Manage ABN Connections.

Authorised business staff: A staff member with an AUSkey can set up Manage ABN Connections.

Note: You should continue to use your AusKey Access Manager to manage all associate and staff member accesses and permissions to your business information, including removing access entirely.

How do I link and access an ABN to myGov?

For help on how to add and access Manage ABN connections click here for step by step instructions.

Please be aware: If you create a myGov account and link it to the ATO, you should be aware that you will receive most of your personal ATO mail (and business ATO mail, if you are a sole trader) through your myGov Inbox. If you do not want to receive your ATO mail through your myGov Inbox, you should only link to Centrelink or Medicare, not the ATO.

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