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Budgeting - It's not about how much money you make, it's about how you save it.


  • It helps you in decision making and be in control of your finances. You will then see and understand where your money is being spent.

  • It helps you figure out long term goals and allows you work towards your goals.

  • It ensures you only spend money what you have. This avoids getting yourself into debt and helps you to improve credit.

  • It helps you to prepare for unexpected circumstances and emergencies, e.g. loss of job, appliance breakdown, sick or injured etc.

  • It helps prepare you for future retirement.



EVERYONE! Even kids.

If kids start kids the habit of budgeting at a young age, this will help them as they get into adulthood. For some helpful tips why and how to get your kids starting a budget see the ASIC MoneySmart link here.

Budget individually, with your Partner/Spouse and a very importantly, with your child/ren - teach them the importance whilst they are young. This will set in at a young age the importance of budgeting.


If you need help in getting your money on track or would like a clear picture of where your money is being spent, try this fantastic free and easy to use ASIC MoneySmart Budget Planner program. The MoneySmart program is available:

  • online - by signing up and adding an account

  • online and app - data can be synced

  • app

  • excel

The app helps you to know where your money is being spent and helps to stay within your spending limit. You are able to track your income and expenses and have access to your finances anytime and anywhere.

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