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Taxpayers are always being targeted by scammers.

Have you been targeted by scammers impersonating a government body, ATO, myGov, Centrelink, Medicare etc?

As we approach tax time, it’s important that you are aware of threat-based impersonation scams.

Technology allows scammers to replicate any website, email addresses and phone numbers on caller ID.

Please be wary of suspicious phone calls, texts or emails and stop and ask yourself ‘is this for real?’

Do you know how to spot a scam? Click here to find out how.

We recommend you:

  • know your status of your tax affairs – if you are aware of debts owed, refunds due or outstanding lodgments then you are less likely to fall victim to a scam

  • learn how to spot a scam, including the characteristics and methods scammers use, and how to report them by reading verify or report a scam

  • keep informed about the latest ATO impersonation scams by visiting their scam alertpage or by following the ATO on social media.

If you are ever unsure, please verify with our office first.

Someone in our office recently received the below scam.

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